qandaWhy does design matter?
Design is simply a name for making something right for its purpose. Few things matter more in business.

What’s the foundation of a creative project?
An understanding of your business, market and goals.

How do you come up with your ideas?
We engage in a brainstorming process, getting fast and loose with ideas, while at the same time being focused on your specific communication objectives. This is kind of like running with a full cup of coffee – you have to let yourself move freely and naturally but without losing focus.

We come up with a boatload of ideas this way (brainstorming, that is, although we do a lot of running around with coffee, too). We weed through them very critically, and present the best to you.

I guess I believe that creative types are mad. Isn’t this true?
That’s a tough one. Let us adjust our aluminum foil helmets for proper reception and get back to you…

What does the name Pentimenti mean?
The word pentimenti is an art term. It refers to earlier workings, or vestiges of underlying structure, that show through in a final work of art. We think this is a cool analogy for what we do. Some people like the name simply because it sounds Italian. We say… si, certamente!

How much do you charge?
Probably less than you think, for the quality of work we provide. We need to know something about you and your project in order to price effectively. Please call for details.

What kind of clients are you looking for?
We are nuts for the kind of clients that value what we do, and give us the information and access we need to get the job done. We enjoy being open to a wide variety of personalities and operating styles. We like to build lasting relationships with clients. We have clients who have relied on us for many years, and that trust motivates us to perform to a very high standard.

The preceding were questions that sometimes get asked. The important thing is, what questions do you have?